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The Churchill software is for academic and non-profit research use only. All users, even within the same research lab, must register through this site and are bound by the terms and conditions of use. Redistribution of Churchill is strictly prohibited. The software is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind (see the license agreement for details).

Use of the Software for any for-profit, paid, or commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. If you are a commercial user, clinical or diagnostic laboratory, or service provider (including academic and non-profit core facilities that charge for their services) please contact or visit the GenomeNext, LLC website for more details.

Please cite the original Churchill paper in all work resulting from the use of this software:

Benjamin J Kelly, James R Fitch, Yangqiu Hu, Donald J Corsmeier, Huachun Zhong, Amy N Wetzel, Russell D Nordquist, David L Newsom and Peter White. Churchill: an ultra-fast, deterministic, highly scalable and balanced parallelization strategy for the discovery of human genetic variation in clinical and population-scale genomics. Genome Biology. 2015, 16:6.